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The Solidarity Program with the employees

Promoting the engagement of Maisons du Monde employees by enabling them to discover and engage in solidarity actions thanks to the Foundation.

The Solidarity Program with the employees

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Different programs are available so everyone can get involved.

The collective solidarity leave is an original program being carried out since 2011 in order to give employees of Maisons du Monde and Distrimag, our logistics subsidiary, the opportunity to get involved in the solidarity projects that we support. Each year, two to three trips are offered to all the employees, who can volunteer to go. The employees selected by lottery embark on a journey to discover the biodiversity conservation projects in the Global South supported by the Maisons du Monde Foundation. During their stay, they take part and support the work of the local actors.

This amazing experience builds unique bonds between the beneficiaries of the projects and the employees, who, on their return, become ambassadors of the sustainability projects and the Foundation philosophy.


The individual solidarity leave lets employees volunteer with an association for short-term international solidarity missions. In partnership with the NGO Planète Urgence, the volunteers are connected with associations looking for people with specific skills. The employee chooses the mission, the country and the organisation that best matches his or her personal and professional aims. Planète Urgence selects the volunteers based on the needs of the project leaders, and provides support at every stage of their mission.


The solidarity day complements the solidarity program offered to our employees. This program allows Maisons du Monde employees to spend a day volunteering with a local association near their workplace, in France. Our partner associations welcome the volunteers who donate their time to participate in their actions.

The Beneficiaries

These programs enable the employees to discover the actions of the foundation and to engage in solidarity actions at their own level. The associations get some extra help and increase their visibility. By participating, the employees learn first-hand about what the associations do and become their advocates.

The project benefits

The Solidarity Program allows everyone to get involved at their own level, from a single day of volunteer work to a two-week international solidarity mission. Beyond the discovery of sustainable development projects, these actions are enriching, allowing both the associations and the employees to meet new people and experience new things.

“The Collective Solidarity Leave for the projects of the Maisons du Monde Foundation is a great experience that I hope everyone can have some day. I believe that discovering the work of NGOs in the field is essential to understanding the need to finance such projects, even on a small scale, to improve the living conditions of the local populations. I think that if this type of initiative were more widespread, tomorrow’s world would be a better place. It is an incredibly intense human adventure that you share with co-workers whom you don’t know starting out, and who become like a second family. Thank you Maisons du Monde for enabling us to enjoy this experience, and thank you to the president of Envol Vert, Daisy Tarrier, for having taken the time to introduce us to Envol Vert and its projects.”

Elodie Grosseau Payroll Assistant, took collective solidarity leave in Colombia in 2016 on the project "The Maya nut, the magical tree" led by the NGO Envol Vert.
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The Maisons du Monde Foundation supports its partners’ projects for a minimum of three consecutive years, so as to give security to project developers with regard to the funding of medium and long-term initiatives.