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Round up at the register

With Arrondi, every penny makes a difference in helping finance projects supported by the Foundation.

Round up at the register

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All Maisons du Monde customers are given the option to round up their purchase at the register and donate a few cents to benefit a project selected by the Foundation.

We are proud to participate in this program. Our first Arrondi project collected more than 70,000 euros, thanks to the generosity of our customers. Thank you all! Renaud Fulconis, Awely 

Each quarter, a new project is supported by Arrondi donations. These “Jury’s Favourite” projects are selected by the Foundation. The Foundation donates a certain amount to get the project off the ground, and the rest is funded by the micro-donations of customers.

Discover the Arrondi project currently under way.

More information available on the Arrondi website.

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The Beneficiaries

Each quarter, an association selected by the Maisons du Monde Foundation is supported by the Arrondi Round up at the Register program. The project is then funded by the generosity of the customers.

The project benefits

Through Arrondi, our customers learn about the associations supported by the Foundation and can help fund the project.


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The Maisons du Monde Foundation supports its partners’ projects for a minimum of three consecutive years, so as to give security to project developers with regard to the funding of medium and long-term initiatives.