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“J’agis pour la nature”

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“J’agis pour la nature”

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At the initiative of the Foundation for Nature and Mankind (FNH) founded by Nicolas Hulot, the program “J’agis pour la Nature” connects people who want to volunteer with a local association so they can participate in a nature conservation project.


By supporting the Foundation for Nature and Mankind, we are partners of the program that advances our goal to drive engagement and enable everyone to get involved at his or her own level.


Today “J’agis pour la Nature.org” lists 160 activities and has more than 16,000 registered users and more than 600 associations throughout France. The actions include both nature outings and traditional volunteering activities.


The common denominator is activities open to people of all ages and backgrounds, requiring no commitment or scientific skills.


Find all the activities and ideas for engagement on j’agis pour la nature

The Beneficiaries

This website allows everyone to help protect the environment at his or her own level. The associations get extra help and increased visibility for their activities.

The project benefits

The project “J’agis pour la Nature” anticipates the changes in our society by satisfying the associations’ need for volunteers and people’s new desire for social engagement.


“In light of the deterioration of the social, environmental and economic climate of our society, volunteer work is of paramount importance. The number of people volunteering in local community actions has increased sharply in recent years, particularly among young people.

In 2010, the Foundation for Nature and Mankind decided to play a major role by creating the first platform for environmental volunteering in France:


This website connects a network of nearly 550 organisations with individuals who want to help protect nature, for an hour, a weekend or longer.

The Maisons du Monde Foundation promotes engagement for biodiversity by supporting the environmental volunteering program of the Foundation for Nature and Mankind and educating its employees and customers to help protect nature. In 2016, the Foundation contributed 20.7% of the overall budget of the program.” 



J'agis pour la nature by Sébastien Galy, Director of the national and international action department of the FNH.
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