A shared commitment

Our association with the Foundation for Nature and Mankind (FNH)

A structural partnership to enhance our expertise

Similar values: protect nature and mankind

The values and commitments of the FNH are very close to those that we and our partners uphold: support major environmental causes, promote growth that respects both nature and mankind and concrete actions that enable everyone to join in. So it was normal for our two organisations to come together.

We have entered into a 5-year partnership agreement with the FNH. In this win-win partnership, we promote the strategic priorities of the FNH, and in return, the FNH offers us its expertise and network resources to help us identify project leaders.



“Supporting a foundation that helps protect forests and mobilises people to preserve nature is totally in line with the social mission of the FNH. We are pleased to share this vision of urgency to protect nature in all its diversity and encourage each individual to join in, to participate and help change our society. As Nicolas Hulot says, forests are extraordinary drivers of biodiversity that protect, nourish and shelter life. We must protect them.”

Cécile Ostria, CEO of the Foundation for Nature and Mankind founded by Nicolas Hulot.

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