Deep Roots

Our history

A foundation rooted in 10 years of philanthropic commitment

My philosophy

“I have always believed that any business that makes a profit should donate a portion of its profits to humanitarian or environmental causes. I decided to dedicate our foundation to protecting forests. This is an issue that is extremely important to me, and we want to act on the causes of deforestation by placing human beings at the centre: by protecting forests we are doing humanitarian work.”

Xavier Marie, founder of Maisons du Monde and its Foundation

Created in late 2015, the Maisons du Monde Foundation is the concrete expression of our commitment to protecting forests and their biodiversity, after more than 10 years of corporate philanthropy.

With an endowment linked to our revenues, the Foundation provides significant funding, so that our business growth helps benefit solidarity projects in France and abroad. We support the projects of our partners for a minimum of three consecutive years to provide secure funding to project leaders over the medium and long term.

Requests for funding are submitted to the Foundation during regular calls for projects, and then shortlisted by the Foundation team and associated experts. Shortlisted projects are then submitted to the vote of the Board of Directors, which meets one to two times per year.

For more information on Foundation activities, download our annual report below.

Annual report of the Foundation (French only)