From forests to reusing wood

Our areas of focus

3 complementary strategies to protect forests

Protecting our forests

Tropical forests are one of the most important reservoirs of biodiversity on our planet. Although they contribute to the well-being of more than a billion people, deforestation is increasing, with 130 million hectares of forest lost in 25 years.

Based on more than 10 years’ experience in protecting forest biodiversity, we believe that conservation programs should be developed with and for the local communities. As the first to suffer from the dramatic consequences of deforestation, they also have innovative solutions to reconcile conservation and economic development. The Maisons du Monde Foundation is committed to helping them.

Our projects have roots!

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Giving a second life to wood waste

345 million tonnes of waste are generated each year in France, or more than 5 tonnes per capita. In light of this wastefulness, all businesses must find ways to reuse waste and move towards a more solidarity-based economy.

We want to accelerate this transition by supporting the social and solidarity economy to find new uses for wood while supporting skills training and combating exclusion. With these organisations involved in the circular economy, our goal, beyond reusing wood, is to support people and craftsmanship.


Empowerment through wood reuse!

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Engaging citizens to take action

As people become aware of the magnitude of the environmental challenges and the transformations needed, more and more citizens are taking action, locally, to protect our environment. This civic engagement results in many solidarity initiatives that are gradually transforming our societies.

The Maisons du Monde Foundation participates actively in these transformations, by facilitating individual and collective engagement. We support civic engagement projects targeting the major environmental issues so that we can all do our share, at our own level.

Every little bit helps!!!

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